CalBay Investments, Inc. (CBI) is experienced in retirement and income planning providing you with clear financial strategies that seek to help you sustain the lifestyle you desire and the financial goals you define.

Our goal is to deliver honest and comprehensive services tailored to your personal needs through an experienced team, broad resources, independent research, technology and non-proprietary product offerings.

Our Mission

CalBay Investments assists you in fulfilling your lifestyle and financial goals through exceptional service, independent guidance and a commitment to placing your needs first.  Learn more

We look forward to welcoming you to the CBI family.
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2012-2014 5 Star awards based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality services to clients such as credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors.  Prior to 2012, award was based on client satisfaction. Respondents evaluated criteria such as customer service, expertise, value for fee charge and overall satisfaction. The overall score is based on an average of all respondents and may not be representative of any one client's experience.